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Ellen bord Ø130cm hvid/teak

Vare nr. 2521009
EAN 5703332014701
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Rundt havebord i romantisk stil med hvidlakeret stel i aluminium og lamelbordplade i lyst teaktræ. Så bliver frokost på terrassen ikke bedre.


Congratulations on your new garden furniture.

This is a guide on how to take care of this new product! If your product requires assembly, make sure to place furniture on a flat surface during assembly. Please follow enclosed assembly instruction. We recommend doing the assembly on a soft surface; directly on your lawn or to use an old blanket between hard surface and the product. This is to avoid shock and damage to the product during assembly. Please check that the product is properly installed before use.


Wash aluminum with a soapy cloth and rinse clear with water. Avoid using abrasive cloths as this may scratch the furniture surface. Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals.

Poly-wood / Non-wood

Poly-wood / non-wood is made from artificial material with feel and structure, similar to real wood. It is weather resistant and requires a minimum of maintenance. It is full-dyed and durable for outdoor use. The surfaces can be easily cleaned with water and a mild detergent, rinsed off with water and a soft cloth. The surface color can decrease over time and can be re-painted with an acrylic paint, upon proper cleansing. Please note that artificial material is sensitive to heat and high temperatures. Make sure to avoid placing hot pots and pans etc. directly on the material top. Please not, do not leave empty glasses and other glass objects on the table top in strong sun light. The glass may increase the heat, enhancing the light and thereby leave burn marks on the material.


Cushions should be removed from the chair and stored away from the elements when not in use. Spot clean fabric using mild soapy water. Leave to air dry out of direct sunlight. NB! Please follow instruction attached to the item.

Poly wicker / textilene

The PE– poly wicker and textilene is UV tested. Clean using mild soapy water. Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals


Teak has high natural oil content. Teak is a natural product and can develop wind scratches in the surfaces. These minor scratches do not concern the stability of the wood and is merely a natural reaction in the top surface. As in all wood species wind scratches can occur though without any impact on the durability. Decide whether the furniture should patinate in a beautiful silver-grey color, or you prefer a golden teak glow:

1. If you require a silver-grey color (patina), you should not apply care products on the wood. Exposure to sun and rain will naturally provide the wood the desired grey color. Non-treated teak furniture can endure outdoor use for many years, thanks to the natural high level of natural oils. However, it is advisable to clean the furniture with an approved teak cleaner and subsequent treatment with a mix of lukewarm water, mixed with soap flakes. This treatment will seal the surface of the wood and maintain the grey color. Wood can also be cleaned with a sponge or fiber brush (never use steel brush or steel wool). For the best result, cleaning should be carried out after the wood has been wet / moist for some time, as a soft surface is easier to clean.

2. To keep the golden, warm glow, or if you want the glow to be regained, the teakwood must be treated with a teak oil, made for outdoor use. Treatment can then be repeated 1-2 times per year, best before winter storage. Before oil processing, cleaning the wood is recommended, with an approved teak cleaner for outdoor teak. You can sand lightly to achieve a uniform surface before oil treatment. It is extremely important to clean the furniture carefully before oil treatment. Applying oil onto traces of fungus will result in black spots on the surface.


We recommend that you store your garden furniture for the winter in a non-heated room, like for instance garage or a basement throughout the winter. Sudden temperature fluctuations in the storage space can cause possible cracks in the wood.



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Ellen bord Ø150cm hvid/teak
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